Twitter introducing scheduling tweets from web: Report

San Francisco, Nov 21 (IANS) Twitter is now introducing the ability to schedule tweets from the web. This is currently available as a popular feature in the standalone Tweetdeck app and now the micro blogging platform is looking to expand to the wider Twitter user base.

The new feature could be handy to prep tweets for a coordinated product launch or news announcement, for example. If you’re part of the experiment, you’ll be able to schedule a tweet right from the compose window, The Verge reported on on Wednesday.

However, it is not clear how many people are part of Twitter’s test.

Given that Twitter has said it’s only “experimenting” with the feature for now, there’s no way to know when — or if — it’ll be available to all users.

Hopefully Twitter does roll it out more broadly, though, and perhaps the company will bring tweet scheduling to its mobile apps someday, too, the report added.

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