Transfer images from Facebook to Google Photos in US, Canada

San Francisco, May 1 (IANS) Facebook has introduced a new feature for its users in the US and Canada to transfer their images and videos directly to Google Photos.

The feature is part of Data Transfer Project signed last year by Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Twitter to simplify data transfers between their platforms, following the introduction of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in the European Union (EU) in May.


To access the tool, users need to go to the Facebook settings in Facebook Information.

On the desktop log into your Facebook account and tap on the arrow on the upper right corner to access your settings.

Then tap on the ‘Your Facebook Information' menu on the left and select ‘Transfer a Copy of Your Photos or Videos.'

Among the destinations, Google Photos is currently the only option.

Now log into your Google account and confirm the transfer.

“The process on mobile is very similar: tap on the hamburger menu, go to Settings, and then scroll down to the ‘Your Facebook Information' section. Tap on ‘Transfer a Copy of Your Photos of Videos' and then follow the rest of the steps,” reports Engadget.

The Data Transfer Project (DTP) is an open-source initiative to create new tools that “enable people to freely move their information across the web.”



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