To Ensure The Passengers Safety Ola Launches Ola Guardian

Indian App cab service provider Ola launched a new feature to give the customers more secure journey, called Guardian.

Every day the lots of people use cabs to reach their destiny, and users of cabs are increasing rapidly. But some unexpected and horrible incidents happen to the passengers in recent times. So, to improve customer safety Ola has launched the project “Guardian.”

The Ola Guardian is a real-time monitoring system and has been launched as a pilot in Bangalore, Mumbai, and Pune. The system is based on Artificial Intelligence and machine learning tools.

The system will track all on-going trips with the help of AI-driven systems. It will also track route deviations unexpected and mid-way stops.

Ola’s safety response team will monitor the system continuously about the ride. After analyzing the data Ola’s safety response team will connect to the customer to reach a safe place and will make the journey safe.

Ola said it was also working with the Government agencies to map unsafe routes. That will make more effective to the monitoring and enhance the system’s performance.

Ankur Agrawal, Vice President Business Excellence and Safety, said that “The Guardian project is a major step in this direction, which accelerates Ola’s past efforts in holistically making roads and rides safer and build confidence amongst customers and driver-partners to feel safe on the platform round-the-clock.”

Ola said that by the end of October the system will go live in Delhi and Kolkata and by the end of 2018 will be live in other Indian cities.

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