Timex Group India organized vaccination drives for employees and their families

Mumbai: Timex Group, one of the world's leading watch manufacturers, organized vaccination drives in India for all Timex Group India Limited employees including contract workers, housekeeping staff, security guards, and their families above 18 years of age. Keeping in mind, the importance of vaccination against Covid 19 and the welfare of all its employees, the company implemented its free vaccination initiative in the first week of June. Timex has always followed a ‘people-first’ philosophy and believes that a healthy workforce is a safer and happier one. The first vaccination drive started for Baddi factory employees in Mohali followed by the second drive for all employees based out of the NCR region.

The vaccination drives were conducted at the Fortis Hospitals in Mohali and Noida on 3rd June and 5th June respectively. The drives were inclusive of transportation for employees, health checkup before vaccination at the hospital, and a mandatory 30-minute observation period for each of the employees. Following which, a one-on-one meeting between each employee and the medical team was held to determine whether the person had experienced any symptoms. The medical staff also provided guidance on how to address fever or any other vaccination-related side effects.

Upon successful completion of the vaccination drives, Ms. Sharmila Sahai, Managing Director, Timex Group India Ltd. said, “With the successful vaccination drives, we are hopeful to not only bring back things to normalcy but ensure everyone stays safe and healthy. These are unprecedented times and we are committed to keeping our workforces and their families free from all the pandemic-related stress as much as possible. Want to thank the Fortis team for helping us put together seamless vaccination drives.”

Timex Group India boasts one of the most prominent portfolios of brands. The company acknowledges the huge possibility to harness the reach and appeal of each brand's particular character, personality, and consumer base through technical innovation and cutting-edge design.

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