TikTok rolls out video-scrubbing thumbnails feature for its users

The popular short-form video-making app TikTok has quietly added a ‘video-scrubbing thumbnail’ feature to its platform. The new addition makes it easier for users to find a specific part of a longer video. The feature was first spotted by social media consultant Matt Navarra.

Taking to Twitter he shared the feature and wrote, “FINALLY… TikTok added video scrubbing thumbnails! Makes it easier to find the bit you’re looking for in longer videos. h/t my 13 year old daughter (sic).”

According to the report, as the feature starts to roll out this week, it might not be available for every user.

It seems that the video-scrubbing thumbnails are currently only available for newer uploads, as they are not appearing on older videos.

Since the platform rolled out the feature for users to upload 10-minute videos up last year, it has been working to improve the viewing experience for the users, the report said.

Meanwhile, last month, the platform announced that it had expanded its ‘audience controls’ feature to allow creators to restrict their short-form videos to adult viewers.

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