This Kochi village has robots spraying sanitizer

Kochi, March 18 (IANS) At Maker village here in Kerala, there are two robots who dispense sanitizers by spraying it on employees hands and even distribute masks to those who need them. They even clear ones doubts about the novel coronavirus.

Speaking to IANS, Jayakrishnan, CEO of Asimov Robotics said ever since the spread of COVID-19 turned into a scary pandemic, they have placed two of their robots in front of the Village where about 600 employees work in various start up companies in the Integrated Startup Complex, Technology Innovation Zone.

“We have been in the field of robotics for more than a decade now. We have by now supplied robotic arms and other accessories, including robots to numerous clients and hence to put up these two robots it was no big deal,” said Jayakrishnan.

“When we found out that there is a need for sanitizers and masks, we put up two of our own robots in the front of the village. These two robots even clear ones doubts, if asked on how to protect one from Covid-19. These platforms can be changed and even the language can be changed.

“By now we have got several calls asking if we can supply. We require about 15 days to make one and if there are bigger orders, then the cost of it will be less than Rs 20 lakhs,” said Jayakrishnan.



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