The University of Gour Banga, Malda signed up an MoU with ICSP and RRAHC

The University of Gour Banga (UGB) has signed up an MoU with Kolkata based Indian Centre for Space Physics (ICSP) and Hyderabad based RR Animal Healthcare.

According to Gour Banga University, Malda, this MoU between RRAHC and UGB has been approved which will involve the Department of Physiology, UGB for collaboration in research areas to scientifically monitor for the development of semen extender, an essential component for the poultry breading at the corporate farming program. Such research will improve the quality of livestock (sheep, goat, fish, poultry, etc.) used for human consumption. This may directly help to common people and boost the economy.

Hyderabad based “RR Animal Healthcare (RRAHC)”. The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Chanchal Chaudhuri, Professor of Physics said “These are the giant steps towards an evident brighter future of this growing University”.

Indian Centre for Space Physics, which is a sister concern of Calcutta University and has already produced 45 numbers of Ph.D. in Astronomy, Astrophysics, and Space Science is now proudly going to be recognized as the Sister Concern of UGB as well.

ICSP has the largest Optical Telescope in eastern India and they have sent scientific payloads to near space of 40-42 KM more than a hundred times through their independent space program and brought them back.

With this tie-up, the students and researchers of the University of Gour Banga can use these facilities for their research endeavors. A good number of aspirants, especially from North Bengal, with the specialized training and research aid from ICSP, will be awarded the Ph.D. degree from UGB.

The Director of ICSP, a renowned Astrophysicist, Professor Sandip K. Chakrabarti said “This is a major step towards bringing space research to North Bengal. Certainly, those, who wish to pursue Ph.D. work in this area, will be immensely benefited.”

It is a matter of pride that Professor Chakrabarti, the recipient of Honorary D.Sc. from UGB, was born and brought-up in Malda. He has been adjudged as the top-most Astrophysicist in India by a research group at Stanford University.

Dr. Asit Choudhury, Secretary of the Malda Branch of ICSP said “These avenues will give a scope of nearby aspirants a ray of hope who fulfill their dreams and receive the highest level of training and degree.”

The RR Animal Health Care Ltd., a Hyderabad-based formulation company since 2015, has developed 5-6 products including micronutrients, several feed formulations, and disinfectants for poultry and other large animals.

Dr. Debasish Dutta, Director & MD said “The R&D center of RR Animal Health Care Ltd. has a new drug discovery unit at AIC-CRTDH, CCMB, Hyderabad, and new F&D (Formulation Development) unit at IIT, Guwahati. Recently the RRAHC has developed a couple of detection kits for COVID and got approval from ICMR, those are regularly being used for different COVID testing facilities nationally. Certain surface disinfectant developed by RRAHC has been awarded as a potential disinfectant for the Novel Coronavirus by CCAMP, CSIR, Government of India.”

The RRAHC has conceived the idea of the development of a highly demanded product “Semen Extender” for the poultry in collaboration with the Department of Physiology, University of Gour Banga, Malda.
The R&D and Innovation Head Dr. Labanyamoy Kole said “This is a not a baby step to words the development of antibiotic-free egg and chicken but also with the close scientific input with Professor Biplab Giri of the Department of Physiology, UGB, we are planning a very stable semen extender where the vitality of semen will be preserved for a long time.

With the development of the product, farmers in the remote villages will get access to produce high-quality breeds according to the demand of the market. It will not only increase the productivity for export but also lay a pavement to words the strengthening of socioeconomic standpoint. I am very much optimistic that this will be a win-win collaboration with the physiology department to develop such innovative products”

Professor Biplab Giri, Professor of Physiology and the Registrar (Additional Charge) of UGB said “We are proud to be associated with two major innovative Institutes manned by competent scientists and certainly will provide administrative and scientific support for the advancement of the University in both research and academic development in astrophysics and healthcare of the animals which are consumed by a human being.”

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