Telegram Update Brings Silent Messages, Animated Emoji And More

The New Silent Messages Enables The Display Notifications But Mutes App Sound.

Telegram has released a new update on iOS and Android (v5.10), that bring the ability to send silent messages and animated emojis for the user.

If you want to message someone but don't want their device to make a sound, you can now choose to send without sound. Just press and hold the send button to choose the send without sound option, GSMArena reported on Saturday.

This means if the person receiving the message is in a meeting or is asleep would get a notification on their display, but the app would not make a sound.

Another feature that’s coming with the latest version to Telegram is Slow Mode. In this feature, if the admin chooses a time interval, then users will only be able to send one message in that time window. A timer is present to show how long the user has to wait before sending another message. Telegram said in a blog post.

The third feature to be introduced with Telegram v5.10 is thumbnails and timestamps. When you scrub through a video, it will show a thumbnail, so you know where you are in the video. Also, if you add a timestamp to a message with a video then clicking that timestamp will take you to that exact spot in the linked video.

Furthermore, Telegram has also updated the emoji section with ‘animated emoji.’ Additionally, iOS users now get an option to choose accent colors for night themes.

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