TCL not bringing 5G BlackBerry phone any time soon: Report

San Francisco, Oct 4 (IANS) TCL Corporation that manufactures and markets BlackBerry-branded smartphones is not looking to make a 5G handset any time soon, Pocket Lint has reported.

“I don’t see the point of 5G on a BlackBerry. It’s not an entertainment device and you can already get your email really fast,” said TCL’s General Manager of marketing, Stefan Streit, during a CCS Insight Predictions event in London, according to the Pocket Lint report.

BlackBerry-branded handsets saw quite a big push in 2018 but were largely absent in 2019.

The company reportedly has plans to work on a 5G smart home device instead.

Streit revealed that the company is looking at other areas where 5G technologies could be utilised: “We can have a lot of fun with 5G and where to apply it — maybe in an 8K TV or a fridge”, the report added.

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