Swiggy co-creates 100 delivery-first brands via ‘BrandWorks’

New Delhi, Feb 12 (IANS) Food delivery platform Swiggy on Wednesday said it has created 100 delivery-first brands in partnership with 95 restaurants across 13 cities through the company's “BrandWorks” initiative.

Swiggy BrandWorks enables restaurant partners having unutilised kitchen capacities, to co-create delivery-first brands to serve unmet consumer needs.

With this initiative, one restaurant can sell their food on Swiggy under more than one brand. They can also have separate menus, particularly to cater to the typical delivery platform audience.

For example, a restaurant with a larger portion size may have a few takers on online delivery platforms. With the BrandWorks' initiative, they can create a new delivery-first brand to serve the audience who frequent delivery platforms without actually opening a new restaurant.

These brands co-created by Swiggy's BrandWorks are delivery-first brands that operate out of the restaurant partners' existing dine-in facilities.

“We know that sometimes, great culinary talent isn't necessarily directed towards meeting the biggest consumer needs, and we are therefore bringing our insights to bridge this gap,” Vishal Bhatia, CEO – New Supply, Swiggy, said in a statement.

Swiggy Access is the company's cloud kitchen initiative that aims to solve gaps in supply for consumers and provide restaurant partners with growth opportunities.

The BrandWorks initiative allows restaurant partners to take advantage of Swiggy's intelligence and insights to create new brands with negligible capital investment. This model offers them the potential to scale rapidly and generate revenue for restaurants from Day 1.

BrandWorks partners with all kinds of restaurants and chooses restaurants only on their ability to create great culinary experiences, Swiggy said.

“Having created over 1,000 Access kitchens for our restaurant partners, we are now meeting unmet consumer needs by co-creating delivery brands through our BrandWorks initiative,” Bhatia said.

“Our goal is to co-create hundreds of such brands with multiple restaurant partners across the country by the end of 2020,” he added.

“Both models offered by Swiggy complement each other – Swiggy Access facilitates easy expansion of restaurant brands across locations while BrandWorks helps restaurant partners expand their brand portfolio using existing kitchen space and culinary abilities,” Bhatia said.

Equipped with Swiggy's capabilities in menu intelligence, brand development and data analytics, the first set of brands co-created have been highly successful, with some driving more revenues than their parent brand, Swiggy claimed.

Newly created brands such as House of Chow from Bercos, New Delhi, The Story of a Chinese Chef from Chennai, Baba Yega Burgers from Jaipur have all seen early success and plan to expand to newer outlets, it added.

In addition, brands like Burger it Up from Bengaluru and Royal Handi from Udaipur are looking at intercity expansion.

“Food delivery is a big part of the restaurant business today and it is crucial for us restaurateurs to tap into this demand to grow our businesses. Swiggy BrandWorks is probably the best solution available to grow our food delivery channel,” said Kabir Advani, Managing Partner of Bercos Restaurant.

“Our consumer base has grown (without diluting our parent brand) and the asset light model eliminates risks of extending our brand portfolio. Truly a win-win proposition,” Advani said.

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