Sushant’s pics from Europe trip surface as fans refute depression theory

Mumbai, Sep 1 (IANS) Fans are not ready to accept Sushant Singh Rajput was depressed and have now started digging up throwback photos from his Europe trip in October last year to refute such claims.

Although medically it has been reported that a depressed person does not necessarily appear sad at all times, and it is possible to be depressed while appearing happy, many netizens insist Sushant was in a happy state of mind and are sharing photos from the late actor's trip to Disneyland Paris. They have alleged that Sushant's girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty has lying about his state of mind.

Celebrity photographer Viral Bhayani has shared a photo of Sushant, shared with him by Swati Gandhi who met the actor during his trip to Disneyland Paris. A letter written by Swati to Bhayani, reads: “Hi Viral & team, I would like to share that I and my family met Sushant at Disneyland Paris during his Europe vacation in Oct 2019 and while our interaction was brief, he was very jovial and full of life. I will continue to refuse to believe that there was anything wrong with him. If anything, his energy and vibrance rubbed off on us. #JusticeForSSR. Best, Swati.”

Sharing the photo on Twitter, a user tweeted: “Another evidence a picture with @itsSSR Swati Gandhi shared they took during 2019 Oct Europe Tour at Disneyland as usual a Jovial full of life SSR — as per Tai he was depressed. Stop this nonsense NOW.”

Screenshots of a social media post by Pooja Mukherjee, a fan of Sushant, have gone viral, where Pooja shares a selfie with the actor clicked during his visit to Paris.

The text written by Pooja reads: “So according to Rhea Chakraborty, she says Sushant did not go out in Paris and he was in hotel for 3 days… how come? I met @itsSSR and Rhea near Sacre Ceour in Paris on the 7th of October, 2019. Here is my photo with him with the date/time stamp. 7th October 2019 in Paris near Sacre Ceour and here are the tweets from him on the 8th of October at Disneyland, Paris.”

The screenshot has been shared on a Facebook group titled Sushant Singh Rajput fans, which has a total of over 2,49,000 members.

“No Hotel will hang such scary painting in the rooms. I would request the Sushants Fan in Itally to visit the hotel and confirm whether they have such painting in the hotel. That will help expose her,” claimed another user.

“This a full electronic proof that rhea lies every time every word to manipulate her own stories. She must be under strict action with solid evidences of drugs without consent of someone,” commented another user.

During the Disneyland Paris visit, Sushant had shared a video on October 8, 2019, which he had captioned: “Come Rain, Come Snow, Wherever Your Dreams take You, You Gotta Go! — Dream 25/50 Disneyland.”

The actor had tweeted another video from his verified account on October 9, 2019 where he can be seen enjoying in Disneyland. “Mickey in Disneyland! #livingMyDreams #lovingMyDreams,” Sushant had captioned the video.



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