STT GDC India promote sustainable development and low-carbon energy

Mumbai, India: ST Telemedia Global Data Centres (India) (STT GDC India) announced today a partnership with Avaada MHKhamgaon Private Limited, a subsidiary of Avaada Energy Private Limited (henceforth referred to as Avaada Energy) to procure 99MUs/annum (99 Million kWh) of renewable energy under a captive structure. The 99MUs would cater to the company’s facilities in the state of Maharashtra.

Today, as part of its sustainability initiatives,34% of power for all STT GDC India’s facilities comes from renewable sources, making it one of the largest users of renewable sources among data center operators in India. The partnership with AvaadaEnergyalong with all the existing sustainability initiatives will lead to an annual reduction of 4,56,500 tonnes of CO2 emissions by 2025. This is equivalent to reducing carbon emissions by removing more than 90,000 passenger vehicles fromIndia’sroads in a year.

By sourcing a large part of its power requirements from carbon-free sources within the next four years, STT GDC India reinforces its firm commitment towards reducing its carbon footprint and fostering sustainable practices whilst continuing to support the growth of the digital economy in India. This initiative sets a new standard for sustainability for the data center sector in India.

Announcing the partnership, SumitMukhija, CEO at STT GDC India said, “Ever since the inception of STT GDC India, we have strived towards best practices in innovation and sustainability. This decision reflects our relentless commitment to champion sustainable best practices and leads the industry in a similar direction. Going forward, a significant portion of all incremental power for all our new and existing facilities will come from carbon-free sources. We are also closely working with regulators, government agencies, and power generation companies to explore suitable environments and banking regimes that can enable us to eventually reach close to 100 percent net renewable energy in terms of power sourcing for our operational data centers. Avaada Energy understands the global benchmarks of excellence that we hold to as we seek to strengthen our position as the market leader in supporting all our mission-critical applications.”

Green initiatives and sustainability are an indispensable part ofSTT GDC India’s corporate direction. The company has deployed renewable power via captive power generation structures that offer clean and reliable power in close partnership with established energy players.

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