Social media erupts over Nadella’s CAA statement

New Delhi, Jan 14 (IANS) As Microsoft Corporation CEO Satya Nadella’s statement voicing concern over the contentious Citizenship Amendment Act went viral, netizens took to social media platforms to ask whether people will boycott Microsoft and Windows next.

“As retaliation to @satyanadella’s statement on CAA, millions of Indians #BoycottWindows, there have been reports of people removing all windows from their houses,” a user said.

“If you thought Microsoft’s CEO would be in favour of keeping people out, you obviously haven’t used the Windows Firewall,” another user said.

“Western media reported that Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella criticised CAA & said that It’s sad & bad. But what Satya Nadella really said was altogether different. He said every country will and should define its borders, protect national security and set immigration policy accordingly,” read another post.

A user commented: “Yes, he is very confused in his statement.Must be the Indian leftist academics in the US who have confused him by misinformation. Plz study the CAA before you comment!We respect you as CEO and you must not make comments to malign India.”

Talking to editors in Manhattan on Monday, Nadella who hails from Hyderabad and became the Microsoft CEO in 2014, said he would like immigrants to come and set up startups in India and whatever is happening in India on this new legislation is just bad.

“I think what is happening is sad…It’s just bad…I would love to see a Bangladeshi immigrant who comes to India and creates the next unicorn in India or become the next CEO of Infosys,” tweeted Ben Smith, editor-in-chief of, quoting Nadella when he asked the Microsoft CEO about the CAA at the meeting.

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