Simplilearn for Business on Track to Build $100 Million B2B SaaS Revenue by 2023

Mumbai, India: Simplilearn, the world’s #1 online boot camp for digital economy skills training, has seen rapid growth of its enterprise arm, Simplilearn for Business, over the last two years. Simplilearn for Business has seen accelerating adoption of its offerings globally and 100%+ YOY growth, on track to reach $100mn B2B revenue in the next 2-3 years. Four primary focus areas drive this growth:

1. Powering new-hire onboarding for large enterprises in areas like programming, data, cloud, digital marketing, and others.
2. Powering Digital transformation training across 35 critical Digital roles.
3. Helping companies reward top talent with executive programs from the best global universities like MIT, Caltech, IIT Kanpur, Purdue, and others.
4. Building and scaling strong partners and distributors to expand global reach beyond markets where Simplilearn has a local presence.

The main factor driving this growth for Simplilearn has been its strong strategic relationships, where two-thirds of Simplilearn’s enterprise business comes from multi-year deals that are half a million dollars or more in size. With more than 400 enterprise customers already, the team’s focus continues to be to upsize more of these engagements to a similar strategic scale.

Speaking on the development, Kashyap Dalal, Co-Founder and Chief Business Officer, Simplilearn, said, “Globally businesses are focused on getting ready for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, powered by Digital technologies. The world needs 200mn+ digitally-skilled resources, and these skilled professionals just don’t exist out there! All our enterprise partners realize this and are clear that they will need to hire for aptitude and then invest in strong outcome-oriented programs that can build the job-ready skills needed. Simplilearn is a product built to do just this: offer a Bootcamp learning experience on a globally scalable online platform for digital skills, with 80%+ completion rates and excellent outcomes. Our focus is to continue to add high-demand skills and features into our product to serve the upskilling and reskilling needs of our enterprise partners, ranging from large system integrators to banks to industries like CPG, telecom, retail, and others.”

Simplilearn’s programs span across all critical digital domains like Data & AI, Programming, Cloud & Devops, Agile, Digital Transformation & Digital Marketing to name a few, and across 30+ critical digital economy roles in an enterprise, with comprehensive learning paths. These programs are co-created with leading universities like MIT and Caltech and leading industry partners like IBM, Microsoft Azure, and Facebook, ensuring the best learning outcomes.

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