Shraddha Kapoor supports #LockdownZoos initiative

Mumbai, May 15 (IANS) Actress Shraddha Kapoor's love and affection towards animals is known to many. Now she has shared a post on her social media to support the #LockdownZoos initiative.

Shraddha shared a poem on her social media from the perspective of a caged animal, talking about freedom and life outside of zoos.

“A lot of us are feeling anxious and ‘caged' during this lockdown. Imagine being taken away from your family, your home and being locked up for your entire life?” she began her post.

“Animals have feelings just like us. They get depressed when separated from their natural habitats and loved ones. Why should we believe that we have the right to take away their freedom?”

She also shared why she chose to support the initiative.

“When @shazamorani asked me to be a part of this cause, I immediately jumped on board because I realized I could lend my voice to those who don't have one. Animals can't speak for them selves, we need to become their voice. I would truly hope that all of you do the same,” she wrote.

“‘Until one loves an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened' – Anatole France,” she concluded.



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