Shamshera director Karan Malhotra pens a heartfelt note after the film’s failure at the box office

Filmmaker Karan Malhotra's film ‘Shamshera' was released on July 22. The film which starred Ranbir Kapoor, Vaani Kapoor, and Sanjay Dutt in lead roles, performed poorly at the box office. After underperforming last weekend, on Monday the film began with a further 65% drop in earnings. Karan addressed the film's failure in his Twitter post on Wednesday and has said that he ‘couldn't handle the hate and rage' after film's failure.

Addressing Shamshera's failure, Karan shared a note on his Twiter handle, with the caption, “Shamshera is mine!” His note reads, “My Dearest Shamshera, you are majestic the way you are. It is important for me to express myself on this platform because here is where all the love, the hate, the celebration and the humiliation exists for you. I want to unimaginably apologise to you for abandoning you for these past few days as I could not handle the hate and rage.”

“My withdrawal was my weakness and there are no excuses for it. But now I am here, standing beside you hand in hand feeling proud and honoured that you are mine. Will face every thing together, the good the bad and the ugly. And a huge shout out to the Shamshera family, the cast and crew of Shamshera. The love, the blessings and the concern that has been showered upon us are the most precious and nobody can take that away from us. #Shamsheraismine #Shamshera,” concluded Karan.

‘Shamshera' is set in the 1800s in the fictitious city of Kaza, where a warrior tribe is imprisoned, enslaved, and tortured by a ruthless authoritarian general Shudh Singh (played by Sanjay Dutt). It is the story of ‘Shamshera' (Ranbir Kapoor), who became a slave, a slave who became a leader, and then a legend for his tribe. He fights for his tribe's freedom and dignity. The film was released in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu.

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