‘Rohtak SAI centre, Patiala STC available for quarantine facility’

New Delhi, March 22 (IANS) As the country grapples with the coronavirus outbreak, the Sports Authority of India has said it is prepared to extend all support needed to the Centre and states by making their facilities available for the government to use for quarantine purposes.

“We've handed over the centre at Rohtak, as per directions of state government there and in Patiala we've earmarked our SAI Training Centre facility, as a 120-bed quarantine centre if needed, which is separate from area where our Olympic bound athletes are training”, Sandip Pradhan, Director-General, SAI, said in a statement.


The Sports Ministry had announced that facilities under SAI across the country will be made available for the government for quarantine purposes.

Sports Secretary R.S. Jhulaniya said the facilities across the countries were available and could be used by the district administration whenever required.

“This is a matter of saving lives and wherever the government needs our help, we will provide,” Jhulaniya told IANS.

“Our position is that if and when the local administration of a place says that it needs the facilities they can use them in whichever way they want.”

The outbreak of coronavirus in the country has led to the training camps coming to a halt.

The only camps that continue are for those athletes who have qualified for the Olympics or are on the verge of qualification under strict rules to limit their interaction with the outside world.