Robert Pattinson: ‘Tenet’ incredibly complicated

Los Angeles, June 1 (IANS) Actor Robert Pattinson struggled hard to understand the plot of Christopher Nolan's “Tenet”, and says he wasn't aware of what was happening for most months of the filming.

In an interview with Esquire, the actor opened up about the complicated movie, reports dailymail.co.uk.

“There were months at a time where I'm like, ‘Am I . . . I actually, honestly, have no idea if I'm even vaguely understanding what's happening',” he said.

Pattinson continued: “On the last day, I asked (co-actor John David Washington) a question about what was happening in a scene, and it was just so profoundly the wrong take on the character. And it was like, ‘Have you been thinking this the entire time?' There's definitely a bond in the end in kind of hiding the fact that maybe neither one of us knew exactly what was going on. But then I thought, Ah, but John David actually did know. He had to know what was going on.”

The film has been described as “an action epic evolving from the world of international espionage”, and the second trailer came with hints of ‘inversion' versus time travel as a part of survival.

The latest trailer of the action thriller gives a glimpse into the mission that the protagonist secret agents, essayed by Pattinson and David, embark on, in a time-bending mission to prevent World War III.

Talking about the film, Pattinson said: “It's an incredibly complicated movie, like all of Chris's movies. I mean, you have to watch them when they're completely finished and edited three or four times to understand what the true meaning is.”

Last month, Nolan made it clear that his highly-anticipated spy thriller “Tenet” will only release on the big screen. The confirmation comes at the end of the film's just-released second trailer. The trailer ends with a note: “Coming to theatres”, although without committing to a date. However, the official Twitter account of the film still lists its original planned date — July 17 — as the day of release.

The support cast includes Elizabeth Debicki, Dimple Kapadia, Kenneth Branagh, Michael Caine, Dimple Kapadia, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Clemence Poesy. The Warner Bros.' movie has been shot across seven countries — India, the US, the UK, Denmark, Estonia, Italy, and Norway.



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