Rishina Kandhari resumes shooting, says it’s risky and scary

Mumbai, Aug 3 (IANS) Rishina Kandhari is among actors who have resumed shooting after a gap of three months.

Following government-approved guidelines and safety measures to protect from Covid-19 infection, the actress resumed shooting for the TV show, “Tera Yaar Hoon Main”.

“It's very risky and scary at the same time to resume work right now, but we are taking the utmost measures of precaution to keep ourselves safe and healthy. We wear masks all the time when not in shot. Everyone else except actors are always in their masks and safety kits. Let's hope this pandemic ends soon and we go back to normal from the new normal,” she said.

Rishina has signed a new show called “Jeevan Sathi” and will begin shooting for it soon.

“I'll be playing a desi saree-and-jewellery-clad bahu with a Rajasthani dialect, for the first time on TV. It's very different from all the last roles I've played on screen,” she said.



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