Realme to launch Realme Smart Bulb 9W and 12W on 24th March

Chinese smartphone manufacturer, who is now amongst top brands, is going to launch Realme Smart Bulb on March 24.

Realme is now a quite popular brand in the Smartphone industry for its affordable and impressive top-notch phones. Apart from the smartphone industry, the company has also stepped into other tech industries such as smart TVs, smartwatches, earbuds, and, many more.

Now Realme is going to unveil its smart bulb. According to the listing on their website, the smart bulb will buyers will get the option to choose the color from 16 million colors. The bulb comes with a 13-year life span and free from harm full blue light. It has some clever technologies that will identify the rhythm of your home music and will change its light according to that to give you a more matched atmosphere. It has three modes to choose from; reading mode, working mode, and night mode.

According to the company, the Realme Smart Bulb is way more efficient than the regular bulbs. The 9W and 12W Bulbs may provide brightness like a 60w and 75w convenient bulb respectively. Even though the life span is 13 years the company will give 2 years warranty for the smart bulb.

With the Realme Link App, the bulb functionality can be connected. With the help of this app, multiple Realme Smart Bulbs can be connected together and the connection can be shared with other users. Moreover, it also fully accessible with hands-free voice control by Alexa and Google voice assistant.

However, the pricing and its availability are not yet been revealed.

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