Raw mustard oil: Siliguri police’s new weapon against Covid

Kolkata, June 24 (IANS) Officials of West Bengal’s Siliguri police commissionerate have been directed to use raw mustard oil for daily consumption, as it has been called a new weapon to fight the Covid-19 pandemic by a top officer.

The police personnel have been asked to increase the use of mustard oil in their various daily usages – like putting them into nostrils before stepping out of homes, mix it with puffed rice, aloo chokha (spicy mashed potato) and salad while having tiffin, lunch or dinner at the police canteens.

A directive issued by the Siliguri police commissioner Tripurari Atharv asked all his officials to increase the consumption of edible mustard oil in their food to fight the Coronavirus.

“It was issued keeping in mind the health condition of police personnel in the Siliguri police commissionerate area. It is for the protection of our frontline Covid warriors. It is getting proved as a really effective measure,” said Siliguri deputy commissioner (headquarters) Nima Norbu Bhutia.

Sources said the directive was circulated among all the police stations under Siliguri commissionerate area. It said that consumption of raw mustard oil is good for human health in the time Covid-19 pandemic situation.



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