Rapper KIDSHOT gifts fans a new song on his birthday

Mumbai, July 31 (IANS) Young rapper KIDSHOT released a new song on his birthday, on July 31. It is about what people need most right now — positivity.

The song, “Haadse”, is about being hopeful in tough times. Its animated music video showcases the rapper's life journey.

“This song has some of the ‘realest' bars I've ever written in my career. My experience writing this single was extremely therapeutic and when I was coming up with the words, rhymes and beats, I was looking into old school hip hop for influences,” said KIDSHOT.

“From there I had gained a vision of exactly what I wanted the final track to sound like. It's a bit of an emotional song for me because it summarises some of the tough times I had faced in the past, but I am also proud of the fact that it is reminiscent of how positivity can help us get past troubling times. I feel like this song will resonate with masses in India because it's an extremely relatable song,” he added.



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