Raj leaders bat for opening of liquor shops with crazy logic

Jaipur, May 1 (IANS) Rajasthan Congress MLA Bharat Singh has written to Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot requesting him to open liquor shops in the state highlighting the fact that if alcohol can kill corona after being applied on hands, it will also “kill corona inside the body when consumed”.

In his letter to Gehlot, the Sangod legislator on Thursday, wrote: “It's better to open liquor shops than to see people dying in state by gulping down handmade liquor.” He was referring to an incident in Bharatpur where two people died after consuming handmade liquor recently.

“Open the liquor shops. There are people who have been longing to have alcohol. While they can get what they want, the state at the same time, can also add more revenue to its kitty,” he added.

Similarly, former BJP MLA Bhavani Singh Rajavat also issued a statement saying that liquor has always played a major role in winning any war. “In Satyug, Gods consumed Somras, Later, kings also won wars after consuming drinks. The opening of liquor shops shall help in checking virus and will bring in revenue for state government. However, the ban on tobacco, cigarettes etc should continue,” he said.



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