Rahul’s 2019 WC bat sold for over Rs 2.5 lakh in auction

New Delhi, April 25 (IANS) K.L. Rahul has auctioned the bat he used in the 2019 World Cup for Rs 2,64,228. He also auctioned a slew of other equipment with his brand Gully with the proceeds going to the “Aware Foundation” to help vulnerable children during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Among other memorabilia that were auctioned were his helmet, which he sold for Rs 1,22,677, his pads for Rs 33,028, his ODI jersey for Rs 1,13,240, his T20 jersey for Rs 1,04,824, his Test jersey for Rs 1,32,774 and his gloves for Rs 28,782.

The auction was done in collaboration with Bharat Army, the fan club of the Indian team.

“I have decided to donate my cricket pads, my gloves, helmets and some of my jerseys to our collaboration partner Bharat Army. They are going to auction these things out and the funds will go towards the Aware Foundation. It's a foundation that look towards helping children. It is very special and I couldn't pick a better day to do this,” said Rahul according to Times of India.

Rahul, like other cricketers and sportspersons, has been at home as the coronavirus pandemic brought a halt to most major sports around the world. He was to captain Kings XI Punjab in the 2020 season of the Indian Premier League which has been postponed.

Talking about how he is spending his time amidst lockdown, Rahul said: “Me and my family are in Bangalore. We're all safe. I'm just trying to do whatever I can, in terms of training and keeping busy. I haven't been or haven't really got to a place where it's annoying, I'm hanging in there! But yeah, it is it is quite nice to spend time at home and I remember when we kept playing (the team) for so long, all of us kept wanting a break, and now that we've got such a big break, we are like we don't want such a big break.

“I guess that's what this time is teaching all of us; the important things in life, the importance of being healthy and spending time with family. I got to spend my birthday with my family after a long, long time, so that felt very special.”



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