PMO’s call surprised Sneha Mohandoss of Food Bank

Chennai, March 8 (IANS) Sneha Mohandoss, 27, was surprised to receive a call from the Prime Minister's Office (PMO) two days ago about being short-listed to manage Prime Minister Narendra Modi's social media — Facebook, Twitter and Instagram — pages.

“Volunteers of our Food Bank had posted about me and my work. The PMO must have seen it and selected me,” Mohandoss told IANS.

For one hour in the morning she managed Modi's social media accounts. “I thanked my late mother Amudha Mohandoss, a businesswoman and my inspiration, and posted my idea about hunger. Ours is a non-funded organisation, run by volunteers,” Mohandoss said.

It was a big opportunity to talk about her Food Bank using Modi's social media pages as their reach was very wide, she said.

Mohandoss, a graduate in visual communication and a post-graduate in social work, is also a playback singer and a dubbing artist. “I have also done devotional song albums. The movie in which I have sung is yet to be released,” she said.

He father is a retired Deputy Collector.

On her Food Bank, she said it was started in 2015 after seeing some people giving food to beggars outside the Sai Baba Temple here. “I started a Facebook page to collect cooked food from people interested in donating. Soon others also joined and today we have 18 chapters in India and one in South Africa,” she said.

“We don't collect cash. We collect raw materials and cooked food. The volunteers in the 5-50 age group are of mixed nature — professionals, housewives,” Mohandoss said.

Mohandoss hopes for some assistance from the state government to take the Food Bank project forward.

She has also started mass cooking done for 1,000-3,000 people, depending upon the availability of material. “Two persons cook, and others help in washing and cutting grain and vegetables, and cleaning utensils,” she said.

A lot of food were wasted during Indian weddings, which should be checked, she said.

On responses to her post on Modi's social media pages, she said there were lot of comments and she was yet to read all of them. “There was one person who had asked for the password of the page,” she said.



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