PhonePe users can earn FD-like returns with ‘Liquid Fund’

Bengaluru, Jan 8 (IANS) Targeting users in smaller cities and towns, digital payments platform PhonePe on Wednesday launched a unique savings product on its platform that will help people earn higher short-term FD-type returns on idle money lying in their savings accounts.

Called ‘Liquid Fund’ on the lines of Mutual Funds, PhonePe will invest money in safer instruments such as bank and government securities, said the company which has over 175 million users in India.

There is no lock-in period and the customer does not have to maintain a minimum balance.

“This is our second product in the Mutual Funds space after Tax Saving Funds where we have created a completely digital investment flow for our users,” said Terence Lucien, Head of Mutual Funds, PhonePe.

“We will continue to add more such financial solutions for our users to manage their money and fulfill their life aspirations in a better way,” Lucien added.

Users can begin saving with as low as Rs 500 in a completely secure and paperless process in less than 5 minutes.

Customers can withdraw their money instantly. For Instant withdrawal, they can withdraw 90 per cent of the balance, up to Rs 50,000 per day that will be credited to the user’s bank account within 30 minutes. The balance will be credited within two working days.

PhonePe said that the ‘Liquid Fund’ product is targeted at users including those from smaller towns and cities, who have never experienced solutions beyond savings accounts.

PhonePe already sees over 56 per cent of its transactions from tier II and III cities. It is accepted across over 80 lakh merchant outlets.

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