PayPal Offering Immediate Covid Relief Facilities And Running Awareness Campaigns In India

Online transaction major PayPal joined hands with Indian Governments to combat the Covid by providing relief facilities.
PayPal started its journey in India a couple of years ago, partnered with the Common Services Centres (CSC) of the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, also known as MeiTY, to offer services in an assisted model. They deployed 29 mobile vans equipped with Oxygen Cylinders, reaching the villagers into their doorsteps. Cash withdrawal facilities were made available through CSC e-stores also.
The CSC Academy trained over 50.000 VLEs, including 10,000 women, with the help of PayPal. As most of the population of India lives in villages and rural areas, many of them still do not have access to technology, even smartphones. Tajmul Ansari, a VLE worker, has helped 80-100 people reach vaccination centers each day. The program organizers are aiming to enroll 2.5 million rural citizens into the vaccine program.
Besides providing many essentials, the program is also taking the initiative to aware people battling the Covid-19.

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