Pallavi Joshi to reunite with Renuka Sahane through ‘Antaksari’

Mumbai, April 23 (IANS) Actress Pallavi Joshi is gearing up to reunite with fellow actresses Renuka Shahane, Durga Jasraj and Rajeshwari Sachdeva as part of the online interactive session, The Future Of Life Festival.

The four actresses will come together on April 30, reviving the popular musical show “Antaksari” that used to telecast between 1993 and 2007.

Talking about the show, Pallavi said: “Acting was the primary profession of all four of us. Yet, it was music that brought us together and made us lifelong friends. All these three wonderfully wonderful actors are not just beautiful looking people, but they have got beautiful souls. Rajeshwari is probably one of the best actors that I have ever come across. I am a big, big fan of hers. On the other hand, Renuka, I think, has the best smile in the whole of India. And as for Durga, she is simply the most amazing. And, what combines all four of us is the most wacky sense of humour that all of us share. I am eagerly looking forward to this session with my friends.”



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