Pakistan tests ‘Shaheen-III missile, it injures civilians and destroying houses say Baloch leaders

Pakistan Army claimed that on Wednesday they have successfully test-fired a nuclear-capable surface-to-surface ballistic missile – Shaheen-III.

According to the Pakistan Army, the newly launched missile can carry out strike targets up to 2,750 kilometers. They also said the Shaheen-III missile was “aimed at the revalidating various design and technical parameters of the weapon system”.

However, contrary to the Pakistani Army’s successful Shaheen-III Missile tests, several reports coming from Pakistan suggest that the test carried out by Pakistan was a massive failure as the missile landed in a civilian area in Balochistan destroying several houses and injuring civilians.

Baloch Republican Party, one of the most influential political parties in Balochistan, revealed the Pakistan Army’s latest test of the Shaheen-III missile, fired from the Rakhi area of Dera Ghazi Khan landed at the civil populated area of Dera Bugti’s Matt region.

Taking to Twitter, Baloch Republican Party said that the security forces had evacuated all their posts in the area last night, but the missile was detonated in the presence of civilians in the area. The blast destroyed many houses and injured several people.

After the incident, Sher Mohammad Bugti, the central spokesman of BRP, also alleged that the Pakistani Army has turned Balochistan into a laboratory.

“The injured have been identifying as Hevat Bugti, Janat Bugti, Gul Khato Bugti her daughter Mehr Bugti, son Sanaullah Bugti. The injured have not been taken to any hospital yet,” he was said in another tweet.

Mohsin Dawar, a member of National Assembly NA-48 North Waziristan and Lawyer of Peshawar High Court also criticizes the Pakistan Government for this incident. Taken to his official tweet, he wrote, ” The state’s obsession with violence continues to cost lives. Instead of focusing on public welfare, health and education, the hybrid regime has launched missiles, causing destruction in Balochistan yet again, injuring and endangering the already neglected and oppressed Baloch.”

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