Paan shops not to open in Panaji, despite fresh guidelines

Panaji, May 2 (IANS) Even as the central government guidelines on Friday, allowed opening of paan-shops in the country's green and orange zones, Goa's only municipal corporation in Panaji, will continue to impose the ban on paan and gutka sellers, city mayor Uday Madkaikar said on Saturday.

Madkaikar said, that paan and gutka consumers tend to spit indiscriminately, which could potentially cause the spread of coronavirus.

“The Corporation will not give permission to paan shops to open. Gutka and tobacco items will also not be allowed in the city. Paan wallahs will not be allowed in the jurisdiction of Panaji, despite the relaxation. If you look at our markets, people spit everywhere. It is dangerous to health,” Madkaikar told reporters on Saturday.

“We should learn from this crisis and move ahead. We are urging shop owners not to sell paan and gutka. If they continue to, then we will take strict action,” Madkaikar said.

Goa currently is a COVID-free green zone, with not a single active COVID-19 case. The state had recorded seven coronavirus cases, all of whom tested negative after treatment.



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