Over 170 million Snapchatters engage with AR 30 times daily

San Francisco, June 12 (IANS) Snap which is the parent company of Snapchat, has announced new camera and Augmented Reality (AR) experiences for developers, creators and more than 170 million Snapchatters who engage with AR daily for nearly 30 times.

Onr of such features ‘Local Lenses’ enable a persistent, shared AR world built right on top of your neighbourhood.

“Snapchatters and their friends can step into this virtual space together to decorate nearby buildings with colourful paint and experience a new dimension of AR,” the company said during its virtual Snap Partner Summit 2020 on Thursday.

Snap introduced new Scan partners like PlantSnap that would help Snapchatters identify 90 per cent of all known plants and trees.

“In partnership with Dog Scanner, point the Snapchat camera to recognise almost 400 breeds,” informed the company.

Scan can also enable compelling experiences for brands. Soon, users can scan the iconic Louis Vuitton monogram to be transported into the inspiration behind their latest collection.

Additionally, Snap introduced Voice Scan which offers Snapchatters Lens results based on voice commands.

Powered by a partnership with SoundHound, users need to press and hold on the camera screen to tell Snapchat what kind of Lens to display.

For developers, Snap introduced Snap Minis, a new way to bring experiences inside Snapchat while leveraging the social power of the platform.

Snap Kit and Snap Games offer developers new ways to easily build with Snapchat.

“More than 800 apps have integrated with Snap Kit, and nearly 150 million Snapchatters are engaging with these integrations every month,” informed the company.

Since its launch in April 2019, more than 100 million Snapchatters have played Snap Games.

Snapchat also launched a new safety notification that prompts Snapchatters to review their list of friends and make sure they only are friends with people they know and trust in real life.



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