Over 10K private buses not willing to ply in Kerala post-lockdown

Thiruvananthapuram, April 24 (IANS) As and when the present lockdown norms are lifted, over 10,000 private bus owners have decided to inform the Kerala government, that they will not be operating their buses, as strict social distancing norms will leave them reeling in losses.

The bus owners points out that even without any such norms, they are incurring heavy losses and with this new scenario, they will be unable to operate.

Hence they will request the Transport Department to keep the buses in the garage and under the G Form application, they will not have to pay the road taxes also, as the buses will not be operating.

State Transport Minister A.K.Saseendran said that their concerns are genuine under the new circumstances.

“Since I alone am unable to take a decision, we will bring this before the Chief Minister and the cabinet. This situation would also be applicable to the state-run transport department also. Things are not that easy,” said Saseendran.



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