OPPO announces 30 Night Sleep Challenge to emphasize the importance of continuous SpO2 monitoring

Mumbai: With the second wave of the COVID 19 pandemic underway, health and wellbeing have attained utmost priority in these trying times. A responsible corporate citizen, OPPO, the leading global smart device brand, is committed to providing solutions built to serve mankind. The OPPO Band Style 30 Night Sleep Challenge initiative drives home the importance of Continuous Blood Oxygen Saturation (SpO2) monitoring. As part of the campaign, anybody who owns an OPPO Band Style can participate in the activity by wearing this when they sleep at night and connecting it to the HeyTap Health app on their Android phones, for 30 consecutive days. The first 500 participants will win another free OPPO Band Style which they can gift to their near and dear ones for their health and safety.

Recently, the brand donated 5,000 units of OPPO Band Style to frontline warriors of Delhi Police and the Greater Noida Authority. OPPO also pledged to donate another 300 Band Style to the Cyberabad Police workforce, reinforcing the fact that safeguarding citizens’ physical health and wellbeing have always been one of OPPO’s top priorities. The Band will help them monitor their heart rates and SpO2 levels to keep a check on their safety.

To participate in the OPPO Band Style 30 Night Sleep Challenge, commencing 17 May 2021 till 31 July 2021, anyone who owns an OPPO Band Style can sign in to the ‘activity’ slab in the app’s Health tab. After joining, they need to wear the OPPO Band Style every night while sleeping for 30 consecutive days. The data collected after 8:00 PM each day is taken as sleep data. When the user wakes up the next day, he/she should make sure the OPPO Band is connected to the phone via Bluetooth so that one can punch in on the activity page. Users need to punch in 30 days in a row. Once one punches in, the day count starts. If one forgets to punch in, the day count will be reset.

The first 500 participants will win a voucher from OPPO on their Amazon account within 10 working days after their address and contact information are submitted on the HeyTap Health app’s prize page. Once the voucher is received, users should go to their Amazon account with their valid delivery address in India, add to cart, choose the payment method, add the gift card or promotion code and continue to complete the transaction. Once the process concludes, OPPO will send the user another free OPPO Band Style.

OPPO Band Style is known for providing SpO2 or continuous blood oxygen monitoring, real-time heart rate, and breathing quality assessment. The SpO2 sensor of the band is specifically designed to monitor blood oxygen saturation levels second-by-second, taking a total of 28,800 readings during a typical 8-hour night’s sleep – fully measuring the user’s body oxygen saturation. It also offers 12 different workout modes of active, quick-paced lifestyles. The Band Style features a 2.794cm (1.1-inch) full-color AMOLED screen and is available in two unique strap designs – a basic sports version and a style version. The OPPO Band Style is available on Amazon, priced at INR 2,999.

While most blood oxygen monitoring devices only depend on isolated readings, OPPO Band Style offers continuous health protection by ceaselessly monitoring changes in the user’s blood oxygen over time. The SpO2 sensor can give users a complete picture of their entire sleep cycle, providing alerts whenever it identifies potential respiratory health risks.

Even people who do not contract COVID can gain from day-to-day blood oxygen saturation monitoring, be they 9-to-5 workers or people struggling with sleep-related problems. Additionally, identifying drops in blood oxygen below 90% can be critical in the early discovery of heart and breathing issues, making it essential to have this kind of monitoring as one ages.

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