OneFitPlus appoints Kiara Advani and Sidharth Malhotra as brand ambassadors

India’s largest fit-tech company OneFitPlus has signed Kiara Advani and Sidharth Malhotra as its brand ambassadors.

This is the first celebrity engagement that the company is doing to promote its range of fitness equipment like treadmills, indoor bikes, and bicycles.

The actors feature in a brand campaign talking about how OneFitPlus equipment and trainers can help a user start their fitness journey at their home.

Mohit Mathur, Founder & CEO, OneFitPlus, says “At OneFitPlus, we’re committed to our message of “Make Fitness Fun”. Exercise should be enjoyed so it becomes sustainable. Sidharth and Kiara have displayed remarkable persistence, discipline, and grit in their fitness journeys much like their professional trajectories. They put in the time that is needed to be at their peak, physically and mentally. We share the same values and see a long and fulfilling partnership taking shape with both Kiara and Sid – helping and training India to get Fit.”

Both the actors will be seen promoting OneFitPlus personal fitness programs and the entire lineup of exercise machines across digital platforms. The new partnership adds to the brand’s vision of removing the effort from exercise and helping people in achieving their fitness goals in a fun and accessible manner.

Launched in 2017, OneFitPlus offers services across the fitness and wellness spectrum. From smart home-fitness equipment, live classes, fitness gaming apps taking care of direct workout needs to nutrition experts. The platform claims to have 85, 000 downloads on its health apps.

The company said that it has serviced over 1,50,000 customers by provisioning pan India active post-sales service, connected gaming, and connected personal trainers where customers across India can compete with each other in real-time using their RPM Fitness or Fitkit Treadmill or Spin Bikes.

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