NSUI requests UP-based private university to postpone exams

New Delhi, April 27 (IANS) : The National Students Union of India (NSUI) has requested an Uttar Pradesh Greater Noida-based university to postpone online end-term examinations after students complained of inconvenience amidst the nationwide lockdown.

“Private institutions like Galgotia [University] should stop thinking about their personal profits amidst Covid-19. There are a lot of students who do not have laptops, or some are not carrying their laptops to their native places, in such a situation how will they be able to be a part of this online examination?” the NSUI asked the university in a statement.

It added, “It is high time that Galgotias get over this selfish motive of taking fees and forgetting about the future of the students. We demand Galgotias to postpone the examination dates until this lockdown period gets over and we see a normal situation.”

The organization also pulled up the university for thinking about its own personal motives and not about the life of the students.

The NSUI issued the statement after students of Galgotia University spoke to its office-bearers citing concerns over lack of connectivity and unavailability of laptops to give exams.

In a plea, one student wrote, “Galgotia University is organizing online end term semester exams through laptops. We did not carry our laptops to our native place. Help us as we all know all the other colleges and universities are postponing their exams or extending them, they will conduct after lockdown.”



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