New Amazon Echo Show 10 moves screen directly to face you

New Delhi, Sep 24 (IANS) Amazon on Thursday introduced Echo Show 10 that will make video calling more enjoyable as the screen moves as you move, and the camera digitally pans and zooms to keep you and your family centred in the frame.

The screen turns to face you, keeping the screen in view as you're engaging with Alexa in your home.

“We're able to do all this with a combination of audio beamforming technology and computer vision all processed locally and securely on the device's neural processors,” the Amazon Devices & Services team said in a blog post.

As you interact with Alexa, the device uses sound localisation and computer vision models to triangulate in and turn the screen directly to face you.

“Alexa is not identifying a specific person, just a human shape. And again, all of this is happening on-device,” the company informed.

“The motion on Echo Show 10 is completely silent. We've created a powerful, brushless motor and when we tested it, it was inaudible to the human ear”.

Echo Show 10 also works as a remote camera to check in on the dog while you're running errands — or to make sure the kids are actually on their school calls when you're in a different part of the house.

“You can view your live feed from another Echo Show or the Alexa app. You can also remotely rotate the screen to take a look around the room,” the company added.

When you put Alexa Guard in Away Mode, you can get a smart alert if the camera detects somebody while you're not home.

For added peace of mind, Echo Show will periodically pan around the room to see if anyone is in its field of view.

“We're also adding more options to stay connected, including Group Calling, so it's easy to catch up over family dinners or have happy hous with friends. And we're adding new effects for video calls and Drop In calls so you can appear around bubbles or a garden,” the team announced.

Alexa already supports Skype, video meet app Zoom is coming later this fall. “We're also adding Amazon Chime”.

The company also introduced Fire TV Stick Lite.

Fire TV Stick Lite gives you the most processing power in any streaming media player under $30.

“It's an amazing way to start streaming in full-HD with HDR, and it comes with Alexa Voice Remote Lite for quick access to the large selection of HD content available on Fire TV,” Amazon said.

Fire TV Stick Lite will start shipping later this month for $29.99.



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