Nakash Aziz’s new song Ghulam-E-Ali gets more than 6 Lac Views

Mumbai: Nakash Aziz's new song Ghulam-E-Ali has got more than 6 Lac Views, which is composed by Ayaz Ismail and written by Kunaal Vermaa. The whole team looks like a grand slam team, with the key emphasis on creating a musical experience that can surpass anything.

We spoke to Kunaal Vermaa who has written numerous hits like the current one Zoom Zoom from the movie Radhe we asked him about the song, says “Ayaz used to send me melodies usually, so he sent me the melody and discussed the idea of the song, and narrated how it should be, we worked nights in and out to make this happen.” he also adds “This song is special because this is releasing on Eid, and has a beautiful way to help the covid crisis in India, I think we all should help others in every possible manner, the revenue of the song will go the covid relief in India, so basically, this is our way to say Happy eid .. stay blessed and safe”

We also spoke to Hussain Ajani who is also associated with the project, he says “The first time I heard the track I was blown away with it, we were already collaborating on I Really Like You which was sung by Vibha, I thought, I might as well do this. I believe anything that we do keeping God in mind, it turns out to be super amazing, God has really been kind!”

We also had a chance to speak to the composer Ayaz Ismail and he says “When I was making the track, I was in a ‘Sufi’ space, there was this direct connection with God, and upon his blessings, I was able to finish this track. Ghulam-E-Ali is certainly different from what I have done before. It has elements of Trap, EDM combined with Indian percussion, and ethnic instruments like the Mandolin. When I was drafting it, I had visioned various singers, and then came in Nakash Aziz. Hence, Kunaal has done a wonderful job writing this track. The way he works and portrays a story within a song, and this time it was Suif-Kalaam, and I thought he wrote it beautifully. What a powerhouse talent, the power in his voice, the energy, I felt he was in a different space when he sang this track. I was blown away by his rendition.”

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