Nadda ensuring BJP reaches out to needy people amid lockdown

New Delhi, April 23 (IANS) Amid the countrywide lockdown following the outbreak of novel coronavirus, the Bharatiya Janata Party is ensuring help to each and every person. For this, the party is utilising all its 916 organisational districts. It has a total of 3,741 mandals in the country.

A total of one crore BJP workers are providing food to five crore people through the ‘Mahabhoj' programme. To ensure availability of services and food to all needy people, party President J.P. Nadda is closely monitoring the campaign.

So far, 4.44 lakh party workers associated with this campaign have been addressed via video conferencing or telephonic conversation.

Everyday Nadda interacts with these people through video conferencing or telephone to review the party's activities. So far Nadda has conducted video conferences with the chiefs of over 20 states, MPs and legislators. Apart from this, Nadda regularly talks to the leaders and national officials of all party fronts and gives the necessary instructions.

The party's national spokesperson Vijay Sonkar Shastri said that “the party's methodology is very specific. Activists from the top leaders of the party to the booth level are intrinsically connected. A live example is, when the lockdown was announced, people were not able to come out from their houses, still they were managing work from home.”

This became possible because of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi's great leadership and Home Minister Amit Shah's strategies, which gave a strong base to the BJP, he said.

In times of crisis, members of the National Executive committee talk with the office bearers of the organization every day for two hours. Thereafter, they consult the organization's General Secretary. The General Secretary then briefs the National President who gives directions to the leaders, office bearers and MPs. These guidelines then reach the mandal level through the states.

These apart, 90,000 workers are serving only the elderly people. Party workers have also been engaged in the campaign to ask people to contribute in the PM-CARES Fund. So far, more than 15 lakh party workers have contributed to the Fund.

The party has also provided more than one crore ration kits to the people across the country so far. It is also distributing 40 lakh food packets every day and over seven crore food packets have been distributed so far. Also, workers are encouraging people to download the Aarogya Setu app.

Besides, food and essential items, the party is distributing face masks among the people.

“Party's ‘Feed the Needy' programme will now be target based and around 10 crore people will be given hand-made face masks under this,” Nadda said, adding that the BJP has distributed food and ration to five crore needy people during the lockdown.



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