Mphasis expands UK footprint with an accelerated focus on customer-led digital transformation

Mumbai: Mphasis is expanding its footprint in the UK with a special focus on Customer-led Digital Transformation initiatives outside of London.

Mphasis expects to:

1. Create close to 1000 UK jobs, to begin with; capability to scale and cater to customers even beyond the UK, thus potentially creating a much larger opportunity in the job market.

2. Investover GBP 25 million upfront towards establishing a UK center.

3. Provide best-in-class upskill and training in both digital transformation as well as domain expertise in the UK banking &insurance segments.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson, UK said, “Trade and investment between the UK and India are creating good jobs and sustaining livelihoods in both of our countries. I’m very pleased that Mphasis has decided to join the legions of Indian companies investing in the UK, boosting our tech sector, and driving economic growth.”

“Having successfully executed at least half a dozen similar transformational partnerships in the banking and insurance industry, we are confident of building for the future and ensuring a client-first approach. I am excited to elevate our presence in the UK to support future growth, improve operating agility, flexibility and harness local capabilities towards bolstering our offerings over the long term,” said Nitin Rakesh, CEO and Executive Director, Mphasis.

Focused on the insurance market, this centre aims to deliver the best technology and insurance operations services to clients through innovation in operational, technological, and service excellence. Mphasis brings its existing digital & domain expertise, as well as global capabilities to constitute proposition and capability that can be harnessed and tailored to meet individual UK client needs.

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