More ‘Mufflermen’ make beeline for Ramlila Maidan

New Delhi, Feb 16 (IANS) After Delhi resident Avyaan Tomar hogged the limelight by wearing an attire similar to that of Delhi Chief Minister-designate Arvind Kejriwal during winters, other similarly dressed children were seen making way to the Ramlila Maidan here on Sunday, ahead of Kejriwal's and his Cabinet's oath-taking ceremony.

One such child, Zaid Hussain, donning a Kejriwal attire, stood in a queue to enter the venue.


“We have come here from Bawana. Kejriwal has done good work in our constituency. Kejriwal zindabad,” said his mother Ruksana Begum. Zaid obliged dutifully when she directed her son to repeat the slogan in favour of Kejriwal.

Avyaan, over a year-old, was pictured all dressed up in signature Kejriwal sweater, spectacles, AAP cap, sketched moustache and a muffler outside Aam Aadmi Party headquarters on February 11, when the votes polled in the February 8 Delhi Assembly elections were counted.