Modi’s call for caution falls on deaf ears, mere 39% fearful of virus

New Delhi, March 24 (IANS) Only 39 per cent of Indians are fearful of contracting coronavirus, even as the unprecedented outbreak has claimed thousands of lives globally.

The finding came out in the IANS-CVoter-Gallup International Association Corona Tracker 1, conducted on over 20,000 people from 22 countries around the world over the past two weeks.

To a question: “I am afraid that either myself or someone in my family may actually catch the coronavirus”, as many as 62 per cent of people globally agreed that they might get infected, but only 39 per cent Indian believed this.

Out of the net 39 per cent, only 21 per cent strongly agreed to the statement. Sixty per cent of people, however, disagreed with it.

On the contrary, in Italy, where the death toll is increasing exponentially day-by-day and has surpassed China's, an unprecedented 90 per cent of people believed that they and their family will get affected.



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