Modi’s birthday wish to Farooq Abdullah invites jeers

New Delhi, Oct 28 (IANS) Prime Minister Narendra Modi has greeted National Conference (NC) president Farooq Abdullah on his 82nd birthday. The greetings were conveyed in a letter handed over to Abdullah in Srinagar last week.

However, Modi’s birthday greeting to Abdullah didn’t go well with the Congress as senior party leader Salman Anees Soz on Monday slammed Prime Minister for it.

“You have to be pretty shameless to send a birthday greeting to a person you have detained under the draconian Public Safety Act. #Kashmir,” Soz tweeted.

The tweet has gone viral and received hundreds of reactions.

A person with username @prasanna_s tweeted: “That’s no birthday greeting. It’s trolling. Pointing and laughing.”

“Mr Modi by doing so has himself proved that imposing PSA on Dr Abdullah was wrong. Otherwise, why send birthday greetings to an anti-national,” another Twitter user wrote.

Another user tweeted: “Whole gang is way beyond the level of shamelessness we can even imagine!”

“Greetings are sent possibly by the IT team…they don’t know who is enemy or friend in Modi’s eyes…” another tweet read.

A person with username @yadavjr tweeted: “Forgot traitors ex-CMs stating on TV “If Art 370 removed there will not be any in valley to hold Indian flag”? You might have been kid not to understand 1975 when Indira got acs arrested during emergency?”

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