ML, data analytics most sought after skills for 2020: Study

New Delhi, Feb 11 (IANS) Machine learning (ML) and data analytics are likely to be among the most sought skills in 2020 along with traditional technical skills, according to a report by

While organisations continue to gear up for a digital-first future by acquiring tech talent, recruiters will also look for soft skills, like communication, behavioural training and project management, in prospective hires.

“Emerging skills, like ML and data analytics are set to dominate the IT skills landscape in 2020. Traditional technical skills, such as ‘Java, SQL, C/C++, CSS, Linux/Unix, .Net, Sap, Cloud/Azure, HTML, AJAX, and Autocad' will also continue to be in demand during the year,” the report said.

Stating that the market is transforming at a “breakneck” pace amid rapid technological adoption across organisations, it said several conventional job roles were becoming redundant and were being replaced by newer profiles with evolved skills requirements.

“The solution for job-seekers and professionals in this environment is continuous acquisition of industry-relevant skills with a firm finger on the pulse of the fast-changing business ecosystem,” the job search platform said in its report.

However, conventional skills, such as marketing and advertising, that were crucial for brand success would also remain relevant, it added.

Speaking on the findings, Zairus Master, CEO of, said, “India is standing at the cusp of a technological revolution. Organisations across industries are adopting innovations, such as AI, ML, cloud computing and data analytics. It's no surprise that some of the most in-demand hard skills of 2020 are projected to be tech skills.”

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