Masai School announces a monthly allowance of INR 15,000 for top-performing students

Mumbai: Masai School announced the launch of a unique living allowance program for its students. Also called the glide Program, this initiative recognizes the top-performing students of Masai School’s full-time 7-month programs who are then eligible for a monthly living allowance of INR 15,000for the entire duration of the course. The company expects to invest INR 50 lakhs per month towards the program, aligned with the commitment of impacting careers.

Masai School follows the unique ‘study now pay later’ model by integrating the Income Sharing Agreement (ISA) which allows students to pay the course fees after they get a high-paying job. This model has proved beneficial to many deserving students by removing the financial barriers to access quality education. Similarly, the Masai Glide Program was launched with the aim to enable students and support their learning in a risk-free environment, without having to worry about ongoing financial commitments. Students will have the option to pay back the allowance amount post securing a job.

Thanks to the Glide Program, aspirants will have the opportunity to leave their jobs and focus on the program, not worry about Education loans or EMIs, not be dependent on their families for financial support, and to have the financial means to buy a laptop and subscribe for a data package.

Speaking on the launch of the Glide Program Prateek Shukla, Co-Founder & CEO of Masai School said, “More than a year ago, Masai School set out on a journey to democratize access to quality education by integrating the Income Sharing Agreement model, creating a fair and accessible program for coding aspirants. However, we learned that one of the biggest obstacles to pursuing a learning program is the thought of leaving one’s job and managing everyday life without a full-time income. Several aspirants approach Masai School with the hope of learning to code but don’t have the option to take a career break or the means to support their learning path due to financial constraints. By launching the Glide Program, we aim to address this challenge by investing INR 50 lakhs per month for learners in our full-time programs, thereby giving them an opportunity to pursue their career dreams. Similar to our ISA model, we are keen on looking at how we can create more products and innovative ways to help support our students.”

Masai School, a company that believes in its students and invests in them through Income Sharing Agreement (ISA) model, began operations in June 2019, in the city of Bangalore. At present, it runs the operations online and plans to graduate 1000+ students in the coming months. They offer 7 month long intensive coding programs that are holistic in nature by including soft skills and analytical thinking training in addition to the tech skills, keeping in mind the requirements of an employer.

Currently, they have courses in Android Development, Full-Stack Development, and Backend Development and are planning to launch Data Science, User Experience design (UX), Frontend & UI Development, Product Management, and more programs over the next few months. Masai School’s coding programs and the ISA model have helped many students achieve their IT dreams.

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