Make monsoons more fashionable and comfortable with Crocs

Mumbai: With Monsoon season around the corner, it’s time to unleash the quirky side of you. The joy of getting drenched in the rain outside your home, jumping in puddles, or just sitting back and relaxing in this weather with a cup of tea with your loved one and all you seek for is ‘comfort with fun’.

Live it up with a fashionable yet comfortable pair of footwear from CROCS and personalize your pair with fun and sentimental Jibbitz charms to showcase your vibe this monsoon season. Jibbitz is the best way to express your moods and form a unique way of self-expression.

The Crocs Classic collection is lightweight, easy to clean, quick to dry, and hence, is perfect to enjoy the rains. They work best in the monsoon as they not only have pores for your feet to breathe but also stay firm on slippery grounds. Crocs are easy to maintain and can be cleaned with just water and soap. Whether it's the classic clogs or comfy sandals, each pair is water-resistant due to the superior Croslite material, keeping your feet dry with cushion-like support inside to give that vital comfortable feel to your feet.

You can choose from sandals and clogs in an array of vibrant colors and tie-dye prints. With its availability in a wide range of colors, keep your wardrobe updated with the matching pairs and different styles this monsoon.

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