Low income groups short on essential items

New Delhi, April 11 (IANS) Amid growing speculation that the incumbent lockdown might be extended, only 3.5 per cent of people in the low income groups have stocked enough essential items that would suffice for three weeks, according to the IANS C-Voter Covid Tracker's Index of Panic.

A whopping 74.8 per cent of people in this socio-economic group had stocked essential items for less than three weeks. Out of this, only 36.1 per cent had ration and medicines for a week, 14.4 per cent had the required stock for less than a week, 24.3 per cent had the supplies for two weeks and 3.5 per cent have it for exactly three weeks.

However, 25.2 per cent of people in the low income group have stocked enough essential items for more than three weeks.

Higher income groups, on the other hand, have enough buffer to suffer the blow of the nationwide shutdown. An unprecedented 62.1 per cent of people in this category have sufficient stock for over three weeks.

Interestingly, senior citizens are well stocked during this crisis. This holds significance as people in this age group are more vulnerable to contracting the deadly disease.

Women also fared better than men in stocking up the supplies during the trying times, though marginally.

The findings came out in a survey conducted by IANS C-Voter Covid Tracker from April 4-6, indicating the level of preparedness among the people.

The findings and projections are based on a daily tracking poll on CATI, conducted during the last seven days among 18+ adults nationwide.

The Tracking Poll Fieldwork covered random probability samples during the last seven days from the release date. The sample spread is across all Assembly segments across all states. The sample size is 1,114.



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