League of Legends to land on mobile, consoles soon

San Francisco, Oct 16 (IANS) US based video game developer and esports tournament organizer Riot Games has announced a new version of League of Legends called Wild Rift that will be coming to both mobile devices and consoles.

The announcement was made during the League of Legends tenth anniversary livestream, where the League’s Executive Producer, Michael Chow, made the case for League of Legends: Wild Rift.

The matches will be significantly shorter – around the 15 to 20 minute range as opposed to the desktop League games that can take over 30 minutes. There is also a new twin-stick control scheme that should help gameplay feel intuitive, news portal Gamesradar reported.

The game will have new twin-stick control and a new map.

Wild Rift is launching in 2020 and will compete against two popular online games PUBG Mobile as well as the recently launched Call of Duty.

Pre-registration for Wild Rift on mobile is available via Google Play right now, but it is still not clear when the game will be available on console.

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