Laundry in times of COVID-19

New Delhi, April 27 (IANSlife) As the fear of the novel Coronavirus looms large, the importance of basic personal and public hygiene is key, starting with washing hands, but also encompassing our larger personal space including clothes, food and groceries, clothes and homes.

Mundane household tasks are increasingly becoming a source of anxiety as families grapple with taking all measures to keep their loved ones safe and healthy. It is rare that doing laundry is a life-saving mission, but during these uncertain times, ensuring clean clothes is critical to the overall well-being of ourselves and families, says Neeraj Bahl, MD & CEO, BSH home appliances.


While most of us are doing our bit by staying in and working from home to avoid physical contact, however for the occasional trips to get essential items and groceries one must adhere to various precautions.

In the current times, it is mandatory to wear masks and gloves and keep social distance, yet inadvertently we do pick up things or brush against people making it imperative to follow certain precautions once we return to home.

Often, germs and viruses stick to our clothes and can be the biggest carriers. When we return home from any public space, it is necessary to immediately put the clothes for a wash to ensure no germs/viruses are passed on within homes.

For people working in the frontline or engaged in professions for which they need to step out daily, even more stringent measures should be followed by washing their clothes and other belongings separately where washing machines can provide a more hygienic wash.

While staying indoors also it is advisable to change clothes daily, as well as ensure that the elderly wear freshly washed clothes every time they change. Apart of clothes, linen and towels should also be regularly changed washed and sanitised in washing machines as far as possible.

Choose a washing machine that cleans your laundry at 60°C making it germ- free, is a better alternative to hand washing clothes. Another way in which we can ensure zero pathogens, is by using a washer dryer to completely dry the clothes and roll out germ-free laundry.

The pandemic has reiterated the importance of keeping of hygienic. While, we hope that the pandemic ends soon, we should continue these practices and make it our everyday habit to ensure cleanliness and hygiene.



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