Kerala IT startup launches social digital assistance platform

Kochi, Feb 21 (IANS) Kerala based IT startup launched a ‘social digital assistance platform’ — Bitdle — on Friday.

This brings together the features of hybrid social networking, search engine, social shopping, sharing economy, online reputation building, CRM, data analytics, social service, entertainment, and above all, ’empowerment of society’.

S. Abhimanyu, MD of Bitdle said that this is an all in one application.

“Bitdle is India’s answer to various Internet giants. Its Acore competency will be its social commitment as it will not end up making its users just consumers, killing time and other resources along,” said Abimanyu.

Bitdle will deliver its promise through a wise concoction of hybrid virtual community platform, smart devices, virtual med pad, AI and VR (Intelligent Personal Assistance – IPA) and Facial and Object Identification System (FOIS).

Bitdle targets people in the age group of 18 to 35 while it’s ideal for businesses of any size – from startups to big corporates.

Bitdle said this comes handy in almost all daily life transactions.

Connecting with peers, monitoring real-time situations and events, offer entertainment, collaborating ideas and events, educating masses, mobilizing public opinion and instant messaging/video chatting are some of the add-ons, besides people can spot trends, follow brands, share great finds and make purchases.

For businesses, the application can be used for optimization of costs, targeted marketing of products, targeted sourcing and human resources development.

Abhimanyu said the ultimate aim of the venture is to empower individuals as a community.

“Bitdle is our answer to the question that how we can we use Internet’s full potential to shape the future and protect humanity,” he added.

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