Karan Kundra: Stop blaming industry for individual habits as drug use

Karan and Yogita co-star in the new season of the web series “Dil Hi Toh Hai”, and they opened up on the subject on the sidelines of promoting their show.

“I think it's unfair. Right now, they are talking about the (consumption of) drugs. Drugs is the choice of an individual, not of an industry. So do not blame the industry. Whether it is in politics, fashion, or in the corporate world, there are people who are doing drugs,” Karan told IANS.

He added: “We say Mumbai is the hub of everything, whether it is money or the business of cinema. That is why people from across the country come to the city. Now, it is but natural that along with talented people, some bad elements will also enter. I think that is what has happened. We should not generalise the situation.”

Karan says he has never attended any party where he was advised to take drugs in order to impress people and get acting opportunities.

“In showbiz, we are suggested to build abs, focus on fitness and learn martial arts. However, if anyone is surrounding themselves with people who are into drugs, I think they should use common sense that under the influence of drugs and alcohol, their lives cannot go upwards,” said Karan who has been working in the television industry for 12 years now.

Yogita on the other hand shared that she has got several calls from her family as they are worried about their daughter after watching television news that is constantly highlighting Bollywood's alleged dark side.

“My mother, sister and brother have made several calls since the last week after watching the news. I can sense how frightened they are. If we talk about the current situation, it is not about men and women, it is about power. Whoever has the power is winning the game,” she said.

Does she feel secure as a female in the entertainment industry? “I have just one rule. If I am not comfortable with something, I wouldn't do it. You have to be straightforward with your goals if you want something, and to what extend you can go for that. Will I be happy to make any compromises to do it? I won't, so I will not do that,” replied Yogita who plays the female protagonist in “Dil Hi Toh Hai”, which is streaming on Alt Balaji and Zee5.

(Arundhuti Banerjee can be contacted at arundhuti.b@ians.in)


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